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Paul Sinacore, CSA, is an expert on real people casting and ethnographic person-centered interviewing for commercial, television, film, voice-over and music videos. Paul Sinacore Casting, established April 20, 2021, is a unique brand, bringing an unparalleled personal touch, awareness and sensitivity to casting, connecting directors to talent through diversity and inclusion, fostering mutual respect and a level playing field, and protecting the best interests of clients, studios, agencies, producers, production companies, directors, and talent alike. Sinacore casts Unsolved Mysteries for Netflix, In Ice Cold Blood with Ice-T for Oxygen, and Eli Roth Presents: The Legion of Exorcists for Discovery Plus and|Travel Channel. For The North Face, Paul just cast the Discover Your Trail commercial campaign. For film and television, Paul just wrapped casting on the supernatural docudrama Robert the Doll, and is currently casting the A-List New York Christmastime feature, Laxman Lopez, the animated big-budget tech-noir crime feature, Nascence, and the suspense thriller horror franchise feature, Babushka,


With 25 years of experience as an actor and an academic research background in Psychology and Anthropology (Honors Graduate, UCLA, B.A. Psychology and Anthropology) Sinacore brings his talent for personal interconnection, interpersonal communication, empathetic awareness and human sensitivity to his work as Casting Director. As an experienced visual anthropologist and ethnographer focusing on the critical issues of diversity and inclusion in an ever-changing commercial entertainment market, Sinacore has conducted thousands of personal interviews and auditions and booked an extensive list of actors for commercials, television, independent films, voice-overs and music videos. Sinacore is also a film producer and a seasoned pro drummer in the rock, blues, and country music circuit.


Sinacore’s broad casting experience includes being the lead talent researcher for documentary films and commercials by Academy Award-winning directors, Errol Morris and Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki. Sinacore has completed extensive work with top advertising agencies for Super Bowl commercials with Apple, Nike, Facebook, Macy’s, McDonald’s, and Budweiser. Music videos include Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling!,” Beyoncé’s “Hold Up,” Madonna’s “Gun Control,” and 2019 Video Music Awards Song of The Year, Lil’ Nas X’s “Old Town Road” feat. Billy Ray Cyrus by acclaimed director Calmatic. As the direct point of contact with production companies such as Smuggler, MJZ, Anonymous Content, Biscuit Filmworks, and Iconoclast, and working closely with directors Paul Hunter, Ian Pons Jewell, Lance Acord, Peter Lang, and Mark Romanek. Sinacore’s work with Dan Bell Casting (2016-2020) earned Bell the 2018 nomination and 2019 Heller Award win for Commercial Casting Director of the Year.

Public Engagement

Sinacore’s diversity message is powerful; “stop talking about inclusion and include, fairly.” As a Casting Director with CSA, Sinacore serves on the Equity in Entertainment Committee in order to engage in critical equality conversations and crystalize the message on diversity and inclusion, serving as a voice for change. Sinacore believes that positivity fosters positivity and that now is the time for a paradigm shift in the industry. “It’s time to get rid of the old world mentality and usher in a new forward thinking mindset that fosters inclusivity, work-life balance, happiness, and well-being.” Sinacore strives to bridge communities and foster empathy, compassion, and understanding within our ever changing industry. Sinacore serves on the CSA Commercial Committee and on the board for CSA Cares, a philanthropic effort to help others in the community.

Sinacore is a UCLA Alumni Executive Board Advisor for Alumni Scholars and maintains a constance presence in mentoring and guiding young UCLA academic scholars and speaks at the University whenever possible. As an actor and active longtime member of SAG-AFTRA, Sinacore seeks to foster positivity and solidarity in the acting community and strengthen the relationships that exist on both sides of the camera. Establishing Paul Sinacore Productions in 2021, Sinacore is the Executive Producer and Producer of “just checking in...” an episodic docuseries exploring post Covid-19 mental health issues, co-created with Michael v Greene. As Executive Producer and Producer, Sinacore is currently in post-production on the Historic Los Angeles Rock & Roll documentary "Bet You Want Another Love Song" centered on Sinacore's time as a drummer in the Hollywood scene via his band, East of Gideon. The documentary is an immersion into intimate and revealing video of the band, unreleased raw live performance footage, personal interviews, and original photography 30 years in the making. The documentary delves into the reality and sometimes infamous history of the Los Angeles music scene circa 1989-1996 during the Seattle Grunge Invasion. Projected release date is Christmastime 2022.



Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki, Jon James Smith, Erroll Morris, Eli Roth, Brian Knappmiller, Roberto Girault, Brian Henson, Kevin Riley, Calmatic, Michael v. Greene, Lisa Rubisch, Skye Borgman, Paul Hunter, The Malloys, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Ian Pons Jewell, Peter Lang, Vincent Haycock, Lance Acord, Mark Romanek, Eliot Rausch, Chris Wilcha, Chris Sargent, AG Rojas, Ben Quinn, Nicolai Fuglsig, Alison Maclean, John Bevilacqua, Salomon Ligthelm, Marcus A. Clarke, Jim Goldblum, Clay Jeter, Don Argot, Robert M. Wise, Jessica Dimmock, We Are From L.A., Lalo the Giant, Donald J Eichar, et al.

Production & Advertising:

Marwar Junction, Entertainment One, Two Things, The Jim Henson Company, Thorny Devil, Riley Animation, Anonymous Content, Arts & Sciences, 21 Laps Entertainment, Asylum Entertainment, Biscuit Filmworks, Buffalo 8 Productions, Chelsea, Everyone Can Eat, Farm League, Iconoclast, Inexplicable Pictures, Knucklehead, M3 Creative, MJZ, m ss ng p eces, Moxie, Park Pictures, Picrow, Prettybird, Pulse Films, Reset Content, RSA, Serial Pictures, Smuggler, Stink Films, Superprime, Tool, We On Set, In Giant We Trust, Five-Tool Player, Imagination Infinite, et al.


Apple, Nike, ESPN, NFL, NBA, Budweiser, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Disney, USA Olympics, Macy’s, Google, Chipotle, Kind, Ford, Jeep, Chevy, Subaru, Lexus, Audi, BMW, MINI, Acura, Toyota, Chrysler/ Dodge, Beats, Facebook , YouTube, Pandora, Luminary, Xfinity, HP, GE, IBM Watson, Intel, Samsung, Verizon, Jack In The Box, KFC, Bonefish, Johnnie Walker, Red Stripe, Modelo, Mountain Dew, Mass Mutual Bank, Bradesco Bank, Bank of America, Woodside Energy, Adidas, Old Navy, Aldi, Best Buy, Square, USAA, Ana Japanese Airlines, Crocs, Luxe Bidet, Call of Duty, Canon, Lucky Charms, Prada, Visit Mexico, Walmart, H&R Block, Turbo Tax, California Lottery, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, The North Face, et al.


Lil Nas X, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Ice-T, Jim Waneka, Jimmy Humilde, et al.


Netflix, Oxygen, Discovery, Travel Channel


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Est. 2021: Los Angeles, California. A boutique casting service specializing in diversity and inclusion, real people, actors, athletes, and musicians for commercials, tv, film, music videos, voiceovers, and location casting scouting.